What can tourists buy in Baku?

From each city we visit, we need to bring back a vital trinket - as a bit of culture and as an indication of a wonderful trek. Ice chest magnets are as of now omnipresent yet it's as yet hard to pass them by without grabbing a couple of pieces for associates and neighbors. You can likewise get recolored glass gifts with maybe a picture of an oil fix or the Maiden Tower. Be that as it may, in all probability you will need to comprehend what sort of reasonable blessing you can convey to your companions and relatives. You can't lose by purchasing Azerbaijani wine which is privately delivered by a few vineyards and arrives in a huge number of assortments and sorts. Azerbaijani wines are accessible from spending plan to premium quality to suit each taste.

Baku Souvenirs

Strolling through the plain heart of the city - Icheri Sheher - it is anything but difficult to see that Azerbaijan is additionally the origination of fine extravagance floor coverings. Alright, perhaps you can't take an extremely expansive cover with you, yet you can purchase a little cover for instance of cover weaving. There are a few cover weaving schools, for instance, Karabakh, Shirvan, Ganja, Guba, Absheron - every one of them has its own particular novel examples and procedures. Before making your buy, you ought to go to the Carpet Museum and get to know this delightful old workmanship. 

A flawless blessing would be an arrangement of tea glasses known as Armudu. An Armudu is a pearshaped glass in which tea stays hot and fragrant for quite a while. Painted Armudu glasses are helpful, as well as a unique embellishment for the inside of any room. Incidentally, if your route goes through the bazaar, focus on packs of thyme. Only a couple of twigs of this dried fragrant plant, tossed into the tea kettle, will give your tea a totally unique taste. Furthermore, indeed, flavors and herbs are certainly best purchased available from the cultivator. Where there is tea, there are likewise desserts! Take with you a jug of Azerbaijani stick - inexhaustible neighborhood nature has not stinted on the various types of products of the soil accessible. 

Baku Souvenirs

A fig jam is useful for breakfast, dogwood will give a fix to a chilly, quince and apricot will enhance a sweet table, and stick from nuts or the white cherry will be a firm top pick. Proceeding from delectable trinkets from Baku, it is inconceivable also customary Azerbaijani desserts. Baklava, halva, shakarbura, kyata, shor gogal, badambura - this can be acquired and blessing wrapped for yourself and for companions. In the event that you are looking for an exceptional present for a lady, at that point your decision is Kelagayi. This is a national hat as a silk scarf with an example printed from regular colors. There are numerous examples and outlines that are connected to the scarves however the most mainstream is the Kelagayi with the example known as Buta. An astounding, exceptional present for a man would be a handcrafted backgammon set. Sheets with one of a kind cut outlines and adapted stones are an extremely advantageous securing.

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