Top 10 places to visit in Baku by Azerbaijan Visa

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1. Shirvanshahs’ Palace

Situated behind the city dividers of Old Town ("Icharishahar") the Palace is only one of the most established images of Baku. Worked in the fifteenth century, without flaw when Baku turned into the capital of Shirvanshahs kingdom, it is one of a couple of good staying old structures in Baku. In 2000 it was engraved in the rundown of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

It is arranged in the Old Town as said as of now and can become in 5 minutes by foot from the "Icharishahar" metro station. 

Shirvanshahs’ Palace

Entrance Fee:

  • 4 AZN for foreigners
  • 2 AZN standard price for locals
  • 0.6 AZN for students

2. The Maiden Tower

Maiden Tower ("Qiz Qalasi") is the best vacation destination of the city. It is the second most went to working of Baku, without flaw after the airplane terminal. When you get to its highest point, you will be astonished by the extensive perspective of Baku and its all magnificence. 

Much the same as Shirvanshahs' Palace, the Maiden Tower is additionally situated inside old city dividers and can become by foot.

Maiden Tower

Entrance Fee:

  • 4 AZN for foreigners
  • 2 AZN standard price for locals
  • 0.6 AZN for students

3. Martyrs’ Lane And Flame Towers

Amid the Soviet Union, this rear way was known as Kirov Park, named after the Soviet Bolshevik pioneer. After the slaughter of 1990 by Soviet troops, which is yearly remembered by all Azerbaijanis on 20 January, this stop has turned into a back street of saints ("Shahidlar Xiyabani" in Azerbaijani). Presently it is an image of the pride of Azerbaijan and its freedom. 

From here you can get another lovely perspective of Baku Bay and see the Flame Towers to its fullest and nearest.

Martyrs’ Lane

Entrance Fee: None

4. City Boulevard

Baku Boulevard (officially called Seaside National Park) is a place where you can observe the Caspian Sea and the most beautiful night view of Baku. Shopping malls, business centers, restaurants, ‘chaykhana’s (tea houses), sophisticated plants, main attractions will get in your way while walking there. Go to Boulevard if you’re tired of the very hot weather of Baku and want to get some fresh air coming from the sea. Most importantly, take a boat tour and dive into the best feelings.

The best time to go here is at evenings as you’ll not only get the fresh air coming from the sea but also observe the beautiful Baku lights.

City Boulevard

Entrance Fee: None

5. History Museum

Once the family place of Zeynalabdin Taghiyev, the celebrated Azerbaijani oil head honcho, now this building fills in the as authentic exhibition hall and with its awe-inspiring perspective it will take you to the principle chronicled period beginning from recorded circumstances to the late history of Azerbaijan. 

The exhibition hall is partitioned into 3 areas. The primary segment covers ancient and medieval items shifting from old coins, wears, military articles to human bones and tombs. The second segment covers the individual belonging to the celebrated individuals of Azerbaijan history. The third segment holds the manor of Taghiyev family.

History Museum

Entrance Fee:

  • 5 AZN for adults
  • 2 AZN for students
  • Free for everyone on the last Monday of every month

6. Mud Volcanoes

Indeed, you heard it right. Mud volcanoes. They lie around 10 km south of Gobustan. These volcanoes are very novel as they are not as high as common volcanoes, with tallness getting most extreme 2 meters. All things considered, about the portion of the mud volcanoes on the planet are situated in Azerbaijan (more than 350 out of 800 on the planet) and the best mud well of lava on the planet is likewise in Azerbaijan (1000 meters high). The mud bubbles ideal from within the spring of gushing lava and it is generally chilly, as opposed to hot as you may think. Additionally, the mud is said to be useful for confronting and is regularly utilized for medicinal reasons.

Mud Volcanoes

7. Heydar Aliyev Center

Worked by Zaha Hadid, this middle won the "Outline of the Year" grant on July 1, 2014. The middle incorporates the dedication display of Heydar Aliyev (leader of Azerbaijan amid the Soviet period in 1969-1982 and leader of Azerbaijan from 1993 to 2003), workmanship exhibition, show and library corridors, eatery and gathering lobby.

Heydar Aliyev Center

Entrance Fee: 12 AZN

8. Ateshgah Temple (Zoroastrian Fire Temple)

Located 30 km away from the city center in Surakhany district, this temple is known as a place of eternal fire. The history of this temple goes back to 18th century when Hindu traders were coming to Baku and selling Indian medicines and wooden materials. As Baku was situated in the Silk Road, frequent visits of traders and merchants from the east was an ordinary way of life. Although the temple is stated as being Zoroastrian, I found it quite controversial for some facts I found about it on the internet. At least the texts and symbols there represent Hindu religion signs, not Zoroastrian. Anyways, visiting this place is quite important for anyone who wants to get to see some new interesting places and if you will stay in Baku at least for 3 days and have time to go to suburbs.

Ateshgah Temple

Entrance Fee:

  • 2 AZN for foreigners
  • 1 AZN standard price for locals
  • 0.2 AZN for students

9. Gobustan National Park (Petroglyph Reserve)

Gobustan is acclaimed for its stone illustrations going back to 40,000 years. This site is considered as the one of the most punctual occupied settlement of individuals in Azerbaijan and mirrors the exercises of old individuals, for example, move customs, chasing scenes, carpentry and the pictures of creatures. It is found somewhat assist from Baku – 64 km to the southwest of Baku. 

The least demanding approach to arrive is to get a transport number 88 or 120 from the transport stop which is by Sahil metro station and get down on "20-ci sahe" (twentieth territory). At that point take a transport number 195 which will take you to Gobustan locale. Take a taxi from that point and in 5 minutes you are in Gobustan exhibition hall, where you will purchase tickets. Presently, go up and appreciate the petroglyphs.

Gobustan National Park

Entrance Fee: 2 AZN

10. Yanar Dagh (Burning Mountain)

Yanar Dagh is arranged 25 km upper east of Baku. The reason that this place merits looking at is its nonstop fire, which never stifles. The fire gets from the gas saves underneath the land and there are no funnels influencing it to consume.

Yanar Dagh

Entrance Fee: 2 AZN

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