Musical Stone of Gobustan in Baku

Music Stone

In excess of four hundred mud volcanoes are found inside the zone – half of all mud volcanoes on the planet. Moreover, there are odd shake developments, consuming gas vents, ancient petroglyphs – and the huge melodic stone, called Gaval Dash (Qavaldaş). 

Music Stone

Two meters in length, the stone resounds a tambourine-like sound when it is "played" by hitting it with little stones. It is expected to have been utilized since old circumstances to play custom songs, utilized for the age-old Yallı chain-move, which is depicted at a portion of the petroglyphs at Gobustan – and which is still performed in Azerbaijan right up 'til today. Different shakes in the Gobustan zone have demonstrated to have comparative abilities, which are believed to be the consequence of a mix of the novel atmosphere and the impact of the petroleum gas inside the area. 

Music Stone

Various Azeri artists have utilized the sleep-inducing sound of the stone to make bits of music, incompletely in the mix with different instruments, or chanting. The melodic stone and the Yallı chain-move additionally included in the interim demonstration of the semi-last of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku.

Music Stone

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