Azerbaijan Travel Guide (part 2)

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The majority of Azerbaijan cities look like huge museum complexes. Without a doubt, Baku remains the most appealing destination for tourists. The old part of the city is home to hundreds of historic landmarks, castles, and mosques. The Old Town is sometimes even called “the Baku Acropolis”. It is home to such famous sights as the Palace of Shirvanshahs, Maiden Tower, Icheri Sheher Fortress, The Mausoleum of Seyid Yahya Bakuvi and numerous mosques, the most famous of which are Muhammad Ibn Abi Bakr Mosque, Molla Ahmad Mosque, Mirza Ahmad Mosque and Juma. There are also Christian shrines in the city, for example, Holy Myrrhbearers Cathedral. In Baku, you will find more than 30 museums, 7 theatres, and several concert halls.

Azerbaijan Sightseeing

There are also several signature landmarks in Baku suburbs. The village of Qobustan is home to unique rock drawings, many of which were made more than 10 thousand years ago. There are also several medieval fortresses, old cemeteries and awesome caves in the mountains. The size of this culture reserve is more than 100 thousand square kilometers. Qobustan has become an important stop in tourist excursions and trip planning.

Shabran is another town that is worth attention of vacationers. This historic center was founded as a protective and strategic post. Many ancient facilities, such as Gilgilchay and Ciraq Qala fortresses have survived till our days. The northern part of Azerbaijan is the location of another ancient city – Besbarmaq that has the right to be called the most beautiful city in the country. Simply no other city in Azerbaijan can compete with Besbarmaq in terms of the number of parks, botanic gardens and nature reserves. The most popular landmarks are Afruja waterfalls and Tengi canyon.

The town of Semaha is an interesting tourist destination because of its numerous ancient castles and mosques. The most famous museum in the town was named after famous poet Mirza Sabir. Do not forget to visit Qiz Qalasi Fortress, Juma Mosque and the mausoleum of Addy-Gumbel.

Azerbaijan Sightseeing

Baku, Azerbaijan The town of Sheki is known as one of the oldest settlements in Azerbaijan. The town and its suburbs still hide numerous ancient buildings, towers, and castles. Most precious findings are exhibited in the Museum of Archaeology. All artifacts there were found during archaeological excavations in Sheki and surrounding regions. As Azerbaijan is an old country with rich history, there are magnificent old buildings, shrines, and monuments in almost every town in the country, and numerous theatres, museums, and galleries will make your stay there even more pleasant.

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