Azerbaijan Travel Guide (part 1)

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1. It is smarter to pay with the national cash in nearby eateries, malls, and markets. A few shops may acknowledge US dollars, yet venders will presumably decline banknotes issued before 1992, and additionally old notes. When making a beeline for a market, it is smarter to stock up on paper cash in little groups.

2. Banks are the best place to trade cash. When in doubt, the swapping scale is nearly the same in various banks. In no conditions should sightseers trade cash utilizing the administrations of private people.

3. A few dealers utilize extraordinary slang words to characterize banknote ostensible, instead of adhering to digits that travelers get it. For instance, the 10 thousand manat banknote has the Palace of the Shirvanshahs showed on it. Hence, numerous local people basically call it "shirvan".

4. There are constantly numerous policemen in the city of the city who watch out for the request in Baku. While planning for a walk or a journey, it is prescribed to take a duplicate of your character or a lodging card as that will be useful if there should be an occurrence of any misconception or an issue.

Azerbaijan Tips

5. Travelers are not prescribed to show up in the city of Baku alcoholic or wearing excessively lavish outfits. This can cause misconception among neighborhood individuals and may even outcome in a fine.

6. Keep in mind to leave tips in neighborhood eateries. A tip of 10% of the aggregate is sufficient. In a few eateries and outside bistros, guests can give tips ahead of time as that will get nourishment altogether speedier.

7. Visitors, who intend to utilize taxi administrations, are prescribed to examine the cost ahead of time. When in doubt, cabbies acknowledge installment in the national cash as it were.

8. Keep in mind to deal on neighborhood markets and in keepsake shops. Regularly, dealing decreases the cost essentially.

9. Line voltage ranges from 220V to 240V, so it is critical to check every single electrical machine that you intend to take ahead of time. All lodgings have present day European standard attachments.

10. Nearby individuals are exceptionally accommodating and agreeable, so nonnatives ought not decline an encouragement to visit their home and have some tea. Cordial has in a few shops can likewise offer sustenance or beverages to guests. For this situation, it is prescribed to thank the host and purchase a vital trinket from him or her.

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